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  1. Chantelle

    I just had the avenging party for my sons 4th birthday and it was beyond amazing! I was worried my son would figure out the heroes were guys in costumes but he still is asking me how I got the real Iron Man, Captian America and the Hulk to come. The performers are so convincing and kept everyone (even the adults) entertained! They did an amazing job even though they only had a small space to work with. I know it may seem like a lot of money to have these guys come to your child’s birthday but it is 100% worth every penny and I highly recommend these guys! They have left my son and me with a memory that will last a life time and that is priceless. I will be having A1 Hero come to my sons next birthday party 🙂

  2. Laura

    We had the Spiderman/Wolverine/Venom party
    For my 7 year old. What a fantastic show! Lots of
    Laughs for kids and adults! Never a dull moment! Weve
    Had A1 Heros do 3 of our parties now, and we absolutely
    Have a blast every single time!

  3. Bill T

    Batman and Robin made my son’s birthday party the coolest ever. I used to be a performer at Canada’s Wonderland… so I have high expectations when it comes to this kind of thing, which they exceeded by a long shot. Me and another dad were trying to play it cool, but it was obvious that we were as excited as the kids were. They were super funny as well, and they even trained the kids to be crime fighters. The kids that were at the party cannot stop talking about it. It was pure magic and would have been worth much more than what we paid.

  4. Sarah Downey

    We Had had The Amazing Spider-Man for our son’s 5th Birthday. A1 did an amazing job! The kids we ages 4-6 and they got excited and had a blast! Even the adults got involved in the fun. Amazing experience, way more fun than we had expected, will definitely recommend!

  5. Roxanne

    Thanks so much for a wonderful party! The boys had a great time with Jedi training and my son was thrilled to meet and have a picture with Darth.

  6. Sandra G

    Spiderman was a hit at my son’s 4th birthday party. Both the parents and the chidlren loved the overall experience! It was a blast!!!

  7. Joanny R

    We had such an awesome Star Wars Jedi Knight training party. It truly was the best birthday party we’ve had. Our son was in awe of Darth Vader. Thank you so much for a great party. We highly recommend A1 Hero….very entertaining and enjoyed by all.

  8. Barb

    Thank you for making our party a huge success! Everyone had a wonderful time and spent the next few hours talking about how great you guys were. All the kids, big and small, will remember this day for years to come.
    Great job!

  9. Jeff B

    Batman and Robin were at my sons 5th birthday party. I was expecting a couple guys in costume showing up to take some pics, say a few words and go home……NO WAY!!!!!!!!! They put on an action packed show that kept both adults and children amused for a full hour. Imagine trying to keep a 3 year old focused for a full hour…….These guys did!!!!!!! A1 Hero’s….. You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Marianne L

    This year for my son’s 6th birthday Captain America and the Hulk showed up. Last year, Batman and Robin came by (after my call to Commissioner Gordon to invite the dynamic duo). Both birthday parties were a great success. The superheroes are terrific with the kids, engaging them in all sorts of fun, physical activities and rewarding them with superhero certificates. I would recommend A1Hero for your child’s birthday party or other celebrations. Thanks guys!

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