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  1. Wendy

    We had Spiderman and Iron Man come to my son’s 5th Birthday party. All of the kids had an AMAZING time. I would totally recommend A1 Hero for my friends parties. The superheroes were great with the kids and had them completely involved and entertained. The adults even had a good time! Thanks A1 for making my sons’ day so wonderful!

  2. Tanya J

    We had the Avengers for my son’s 5th Birthday Party! We had a blast with Captain America, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk!!! The kids were ages 4-8 and all really enjoyed the show!
    I will definitely consider having another party by A1 Heros! Great service and friendly guys for sure!
    I strongly recommend A1 Heros as your party people! I’m interested in seeing the Toy Story and Star Wars show!
    Thanks Very Much!
    Tanya and Robbie

  3. Cayleigh

    I just wanted to give a special thanks to our performers! My son had an extra special day thanks to A1 this sat! Very profecinal performance! Everyone really enjoyed them selfs we will for sure reconnect with your company for future events! Thanks so much again

  4. Rachel and Joel

    We had a fantastic Star Wars party – with Han Solo, Chewbaca, Darth Maul, and a Storm Trooper. Honestly – with 12 high-energy boys – it could have been pure chaos – but A1 managed to keep all the boys engaged in the story and ready to “force push” the dark side at the end.

    A brilliant day – one that I hope my 8 year old remembers for a long time to come.

  5. Rhea T

    Again… another phenomenal year at our Family Picnic!!! Growing Concern staff and families just loves having you each year!! Minnie & Iron Man were amazing!!! The children just love when you dance with them!!! Can’t wait till next year!!

    Rhea and Staff @ Growing Concern Child Care Centre

  6. Shawna

    My son absolutely LOVED spending his birthday party in Jedi training. All of the kids had fun and A1 did an amazing job. “Best birthday ever”!

  7. Jennifer

    Thank-you for a birthday party experience that was truly from a galaxy far, far away! My son’s group of friends in age from 4,5 & 6 along with the adults who were watching thoroughly enjoyed the Star Warrior Academy Training party with Darth Maul as the Sith to defeat. A1 Hero, you truly deliver an A1 performance!! Thanks for another wonderful party this year (last year was Spiderman – fabulous!) and we will be sure to contact you again for our next birthday adventure!!

  8. Carla

    A HUGE thank you to A1 Hero! Batman, Robin & the Joker kept 25 kids entertained & in their seats for the entire show! Fantastic job guys!! I couldn’t have done it without you!

  9. Bell's BookBin / George Bell

    All I can say is we had a GREAT Day, the superheroes did an excellent job with the pictures, mingling and talking to the customers. With their attendance,combined with Free Comic Book Day it made it my best day to date….in 3 years!! We will gladly have you back to the store next year and possibly the Hulk for our grandsons birthday.
    Thanks, George Bell / Bell’s BookBin Comics N Novels

  10. Dalin

    We had a wonderfull time with batman, robin and the joker. They did an amazing job and I would definitely recommend this experience.

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