About Us

A1 Hero’s goal is to provide quality heroes and put smiles on the faces of children of all ages.  My name is Oliver and I am the founder of A1 Hero.  Ever since I was a child, I dreamed that a superhero would leap out of my comic book and take me away with him to save the day.  I know many of your children are dreaming for that same thing.  I cherish the opportunity to work with small impressionable children and make that dream come true.  I’ve lived in London most of my life and love the small town atmosphere that still exists.  Our city strives to provide quality educational entertainment for kids and I just want to contribute to that same goal.

I believe in core values like honor, respect, integrity, responsibility, and dedication.  A superhero symbolizes all these things at it’s core.  A1 Hero wants to teach all these attributes to your children even if it’s just for that short time frame of the show.  As a child, my most fond memories were usually those of a mentor or someone that had a positive influence on me.  Let A1 Hero give your children fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Oliver Cosme - A1 Hero Founder