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The Avenging Superheroes Party

We currently offer three different packages for this hero party.  Please read below to inform yourself on each package and choose the best one for your event, then click the link at the bottom to fill out a request form.

  • If your event is for a birthday, the birthday boy or girl will receive a small gift from the hero
  • All our packages can be performed inside or outside, and can be hosted anywhere, but the bigger your party area is, the better!  Package 1 parties especially benefit from extra space.

 Package 1:

The Avenging Superheroes Complete Experience – 1 Hour Party (Suitable for ages 6 and up) $275

Are your kids a bit older, seen all the cartoons and movies, are die-hard fans and want some major action with the superhero battles?

Want to impress not only the kids but the adults too and be the envy of your neighborhood? Then this is the party for you! This is our definitive Avenging Superhero- party that is an explosive action packed, funny and interactive theatrical show that everyone will love. The kids get to watch and help Captain Avenger & The Iron Avenger take on an Angry Thor or HULKing Avenger.  Don’t worry, they become friends afterwards in this interactive story telling party!

What you get:

  • An interactive 1 hour story telling play.
  • Superheroes: Captain Avenger and The Iron Avenger!
  • Antagonist: Your choice of Thor or The HULKing Avenger!
  • A fun filled workout and superhero oath.
  • Photo opportunity at the end.



Package 2:

The Captain Avenger & Friend – 1 Hour Party (Suitable for ages 4 to 6) $225

Captain Avenger

So you don’t want all the action and drama of our package 1?  Want to customize your party with another A List Superhero to join Captain Avenger?  Want a very fun hour with humor and games for your kids?

The Iron Avenger

Then this is the party for you!

What you get:

  • An interactive 1 hour story telling play.
  • Superheroes: Captain Avenger!
  • Side Kick: The Iron Avenger or swap him out with another exciting hero (extra fees may apply).
  • A fun filled workout and superhero oath.
  • Photo opportunity to close off the event.

 Package 3:

The Captain Avenger – 30 Minute Visit (Suitable for ages 2 to 4) $140

Don’t have alot of time built into your party?  Are your kids very young with short attention spans and don’t know much about superheroes?  Then this is the party for you!

Captain Avenger swings by your party looking for some new training recruits.  He will train the kids on how to become superheroes.  The training is a fun and interactive workout with superhero promises and then capped off with a ceremony where each child gets their vary own superhero certificate!  At the end of the party, Captain Avenger will pose for all your pictures.

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For more information call: 226-268-5229